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Message From Chairperson

Dear Parents/Guardians/Students,

Welcome to students who wish to be a part of the GoldenGate Family.

GoldenGate Int’l Secondary School was initiated by a group of reputed academicians to establish a world-class University within a decade. In our pursuit, we have completed six academic sessions since inception. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all parents, guardians, students, faculty members, staff, journalists, members of civil society, well-wishers and others who are directly or indirectly involved in enhancing the prestige of this school. Your invaluable comments and suggestions, timely guidance and genuine support have encouraged us to march forward towards our goal of providing academic excellence. We expect similar support and co-operation in the days to come.

It is said that “Knowledge is Power”. Every educational institution aims at providing education. However, only a few succeed in imparting education that imparts knowledge with skill, wisdom with conscience and culture with values. We believe in the latter. In my point of view, education should be a transformation process from one generation to another. For this, we are prepared to sharpen the minds of students rather than just disciplining them. We encourage them to apply their knowledge and help them relish their strength and potential. This will save their minds from just accumulating more facts.

I believe that a school or a college shouldn’t merely be a place to prepare for life. Rather it should be life itself. It shouldn’t be just a medium for examinations leading to a Certificate or a Degree. A great deal of emphasis should be given to the holistic development of one’s personality. It can be achieved by means of using modern technology.

Technology plays an important role in modern education. I feel that students can benefit from modern technology for effective learning. This college provides sufficient technological support for students as well as teachers to make learning effective and enjoyable. In this regard, we provide guest lectures, workshops, seminars, field visits, excursions and various community services to help students become responsible citizens of the nation.

Opportunity comes once. The right choice and good decisions made at the proper time can change one’s life forever. So, students must be able to choose the right educational institution and select the subject of their choice. This will shape the rest of their lives. Let’s not make this a decision made in haste and regretted in leisure. Take time and choose wisely.

Once again my sincere thanks, on behalf of our entire GoldenGate Family, goes to our parents, and guardians who entrusted us with the responsibility of imparting education to their children. Our GoldenGate Team also deserves a pat on the back for giving their best to GoldenGate International College.

Ramesh Kumar Silwal